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After seeing :iconcaitkitty:'s collection of Fue works, I'm quite surprised that those are things that she created herself.  It's something that I would like to see in some major pop cultural medium.  I have also decided to take the personality quiz for which Fue I would be.  Here are the results:

[/] When faced with a problem, you prefer a violent solution
[] You love change
[] You have some kind of remaining injury
[] You have considered joining the military
[x] You have lost friends from a disagreement
[] You have dark red hair
[] You are hostile to strangers
[] But you adore your friends
[] You work out
[x] You never forgive someone that has wronged you

[/] You hate violence and avoid it at all costs
[x] You hate change
[] You are forgiving
[x] You are shy to strangers
[] You have a group of close friends
[] You prefer fruits and vegetables over meats
[] You have a light shade of hair
[/] You like to do the same thing everyday
[x] You love attending annual events or traditions
[] You are soft hearted

[x] You have a fireplace, or wish you had one
[x] You love summer
[] And hate winter
[] You have a bad temper
[] You love spicy food
[] You don't take well to insults
[] Its hard to calm you down once your angered
[] You don't like swimming
[] You've eaten a Ghost Pepper
[] And was able to handle it

[] Your worst nightmare is to be burned alive
[/] You love winter
[] And hate summer
[] Your favorite food is ice cream
[x] When insulted, you think of a clever comeback
[] It takes a lot to anger you
[] You don't like hot tubs or saunas
[] You don't understand how anyone can like spicy food
[] You couldn't imagine living somewhere hot
[] You love playing in snow

[x] You love electronics
[x] You have opened up some kind of electronic to tamper with it
[] You have hacked into a game
[x] You love watching lightning storms
[x] You have shocked someone by touching them
[x] You have fixed an electronic that someone you know couldn't
[] You like sour foods
[] You have puffy hair and cant seem to straighten it
[x] You have a hard time sleeping
[] You cant seem to contain your endless energy

[] You spend a lot of time or money on your hair
[] You adore things that are pretty
[] You have an unusual hair color
[] You don't mind getting dirt under your nails if its to find something interesting
[x] You love treasure hunting
[] You are attractive/popular
[] You love Pop Rocks and/or Rock Candy
[] You love dancing
[x] You have gone hiking
[] You always wear some form of jewel

[] You adore water
[] You go swimming at least once a week
[] As a child, you thought you could grow up to be a mermaid
[] You often have your hair down
[x] You love using goggles to see underwater
[] When it comes time to leave the pool, you dont want to leave
[/] You are a good swimmer
[] You don't really like electronics
[x] Your scared of getting shocked
[] Your favorite movie is The Little Mermaid

[x] You often have dreams
[x] You experience deja vu a lot
[x] You tend to say something right before someone else does
[x] You are very calm
[] You enjoy reading
[] You have dark colored hair
[] You love learning
[] You love crystals
[] You want to be a teacher
[x] You prefer wearing something soft, like silk

[x] You wish you could fly
[x] You have had dreams about flying
[x] You are very shy
[x] You distance yourself from strangers
[] You favorite snack is some kind of cookie
[] Your favorite animal is a bird
[x] You enjoy sticking your head out the window to feel the breeze
[] Your not afraid of heights
[] In fact, you love looking down
[] You have gone skydiving

[] You have an impressive garden
[] You have plant based accessories
[] You are a vegetarian
[x] You know a lot about plants
[] You are a doctor or you know a lot about herbal medicine
[] You have used a herbal remedy on yourself or someone else
[x] You like fruit flavored candies
[] You have flower scented hygiene products
[] You have given or received flowers to or from someone
[] You always smell like flowers

So apparently I'm a Voltfue


Adam Patrick DeLand
United States
Like a boss, as in I'm boss

Current Residence: Holland, Michigan
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock
Favourite style of art: Americanized
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player
Personal Quote: "What the hell?"…

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Alucard-lava Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I dislike you, you took a perfectly good joke and killed it, your mean, have you not learned anything about enjoying jokes from Pinkiepie?!
One, I was making another joke. Two, have you seen the tagline under my profile name on my channel?
Alucard-lava Jun 26, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yep, and that why I named off PinkiePie, the party pony.
doaler4 Apr 28, 2012  Student Artist
(sees bad words on DA)
(i slap myself)
WHAT THE :iconbeepplz:
ArtStude3n2 Aug 31, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It would appear that your a pretty big fan of Pokemon. (fyi, saw your post for the Snivy custom)
Yes, but I'm anti-MLP.
Hidden by Owner
Thank you for submitting some stuff to my :icontsutarja-emonga-club:

but I really do try and avoid to not take any stuff that's related to the anime company by actual cels and stuff, so I'm afraid I can't accept the stuff that you submitted to the club.

I appreciate your offer though, thank you.
Okay then, this time I'm just suggesting them to the group favorites.
jibby691 Jul 12, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Heya Adam! It's me Derpy Hooves on KYM!
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